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  • ZendFrameWork
  • PHP 5 OO
  • AJAX (jQuery …)
  • HTML, CSS, 960GRID
  • GIT, SVN, Jenkins
  • ITIL v3, Scrum …


  • Selenium
  • PHPUnit

Tests are essential for the backend (PHPUnit) and for frontend (automated/ manual with Selenium). Nevertheless, test cases and its functional and none-functional conceptions have to be well-wrought to lead into time saving and quality.


Supporting in design of concepts (Software Architect). Writing Emergency Action Plans and Operational Manuals do also belong to my skills as making Network Plans.


Copious installations and administration in different Linux environments. Just to mention some past items from: Debian, Ubuntu, SLES, Apache2, Tomcat, jBoss, Glassfish, Shorewall …

About me

In 2002 I graduated in Computer Science with the focus on ecomomy. Afterwards, I started to work as a an IT-Freelancer.
Since 2004 I was specialized as a Software Architect and Web Developer with a focus on PHP. This was due to different projects in many places.

Main branches I worked for until now:

  • eCommerce
  • Press, Media and Publisher
  • Governing Authority
  • Energy Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Fashion
  • Medical and Clinical Research
  • Insurances

Your project is slowing down and you need a freelancer for months on-site? Just "gimme" a ring!

List of Projects


    Please request a login for further details. To have awareness to sensible data is an important part of my profession.